Essential Tent Rental Services for the Perfect Event

Essential Tent Rental Services for the Perfect Event

Event rentals Toronto come in all shapes and forms. Some companies specialize in all-around event styling, including tent services, which can be extremely advantageous when conducting outdoor celebrations. There are many different kinds of tent rental services that you can choose from if you want to create a festive atmosphere for your party. A popular option is a basic canopy. Canopy tents are the kind of tents that you typically see in public events like community days, carnivals, flea markets, bazaars, and the like. These are events that don’t necessarily require aesthetically pleasing backdrops, but must ensure protection from the elements. Canopies don’t have the traditional high peak that is characteristic of pole tents, but they do a great job in providing shade and shelter from the sun and rain. Canopies are also lightweight in nature, which makes them ideal for use as all-around tent installations.

Traditional pole tents, on the other hand, are ideal for more formal events like fundraisers, benefits, weddings, and corporate picnics. They are a lot sturdier than lightweight canopies and they generally provide more shade, thanks to their high peak. Pole tents can likewise be outfitted with pole skirts for decorative purposes and to up the look of elegance for more formal celebrations.

If you want something that has more character than a pole tent, you can ask about sailcloth tents from your event rentals Toronto provider. These tents are great not only because they are more decorative but also because they help enhance daytime events by making natural light shine even more brightly. They also reflect light during evening gatherings. Other types of tents that you can consider for your event include cross cable frame tents as well as tents with walls and structure tents that help create more enclose spaces. Dome tents are also great options for more fun and cheerful parties.

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