Beautiful Wedding Decor Ideas on A Budget in Toronto

Beautiful Wedding Decor Ideas on A Budget in Toronto

Wedding decor rentals in Toronto can take a big chunk of your wedding budget. While those wine glasses and tablecloths and beautiful plates might cost just $3 or so per piece, the prices can quickly add up when you have hundreds of guests. Be vigilant if you don’t want to overspend on wedding decor rentals in Toronto. Here are some tips to ensure that you stay within budget.

Pick a beautiful wedding venue

The best way to save on wedding decor rentals is to choose a beautiful location with a nice setting in the first place. You won’t have to do much effort to enhance the space. You can let it do the talking.

Rent a tent

Do you have an outdoor space that can hold a hundred and fifty guests? Then you’ve found your wedding venue. Just set up huge tents outside and add some décor. Better yet, look for a rental company that provides everything you need for a stunning tent wedding including heaters, lights, and chandeliers.

Choose simpler glassware

To save money on your glassware, you can choose a simpler and less-expensive design for your water and wine glasses, and accentuate with more luxurious-looking champagne glasses. This will keep your tabletops simple yet elegant.

Use bistro string lights

Instead of huge light installations, why not use bistro lights? They are more affordable, visually appealing, and add a romantic and intimate vibe to your wedding reception.

Staying on the budget while planning for your dream wedding may sound so difficult. But if you choose the right providers of wedding decor rentals in Toronto, you can make your dream come true. The question is, how do you find them? Ask for referrals or search the internet for the most recommended companies. Rental providers that have been in the business for decades are usually trusted for the highest level of service and guaranteed value for that they offer.

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