How to Save Money by Renting Wedding Decorations in Toronto?

How to Save Money by Renting Wedding Decorations in Toronto?

Aside from the venue, food, gown, and favors, your wedding rentals in Toronto can also eat up a sizeable chunk of your budget. You may think that those little decorations are inexpensive, but if you might be surprised when you add up the total cost. The key to staying within a budget is to find an events rental company that offers great value and to be wise about what items to rent. Follow these tips to save money on wedding decor rentals in Toronto.

Choose round tables instead of square

Do this if the shape of the table won’t get in the way of achieving your desired wedding theme. Round tables accommodate more people than square and rectangular tables because they don’t have corners. By choosing them, you can save money as well as space.

Opt for a simpler tablecloth

Don’t worry—you can always accentuate your table setting with fancier napkins. After all, the guests won’t notice the simple tablecloth—what they will use are the table napkins. When you have elegant-looking napkins on your table, your guests can enjoy a luxurious dining experience.

Stick with one rental provider

If you rent everything from one rental provider, you have a better chance of getting discounts. You will also save yourself from a lot of headaches since you will be talking with one vendor only.

The best provider of wedding decor rentals in Toronto won’t only provide affordable items for rent—they also offer the highest level of customer service to make wedding planning easier. They will ensure that items are in their best condition. They can also guarantee that all those items will arrive at your wedding venue on time. So don’t just go for the rental company that offers the lowest prices. Look for a reputable rental company that guarantees value for money.

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