Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Supplies in Toronto

Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Supplies in Toronto

Aside from the dress, food, and the venue, furniture rentals can also take up a large portion of your wedding budget. The cost of renting chairs, tables, dinnerware, centerpieces, menu cards, and all the other decorative things that you want to add up—and the total can be much bigger than what you expect. Want fancier lanterns and candles? They will cost you more money. But with a little creative planning and some compromising, you can save some cash and still have that dream wedding. Here are some tips on furniture rentals to keep in mind:

  1. Use bistro lights instead of LED lights.

LED lighting is great, but they are expensive. Though bistro lights aren’t as bright as LED lights, they are better because they are cheaper and more beautiful, especially for the outdoors. Besides, bistro lights are more romantic. They can easily enhance the ambiance of the event place or create a more intimate environment.

  1. Keep the tablecloths simple but the table napkins extravagant.

There’s no need to choose expensive tablecloths with intricate designs. Your guests will hardly notice them anyway. What will catch their attention are the table napkins and other table decorations. Invest in renting beautiful table napkins that offer a luxurious dining experience to your guests.

  1. Choose simple glassware.

If you already have fancy table settings, then you don’t have to rent luxurious glassware. You can choose simpler and cheaper designs to save money. You may choose to accentuate the wine glass or champagne glass to match the elegance of the tableware.

  1. Opt for round tables.

Roundtables offer more seating than square and rectangular tables. Thus, they can reduce the number of tables you have to rent. If you want to add some visual fun to your reception area, Try alternating round and square tables.

  1. Rent from one vendor.

You can save more cash on your furniture rentals, delivery costs, and taxes by sticking to one vendor. Moreover, vendors are most likely to give discounts to clients who rent most of their wedding needs from them.

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